After watching those videos on workplace rage (see my previous post) I chanced upon a page (back cover) in the latest Land’s End catalogue that featured a selection of JOANNE DRIVING MULES.

What stopped me in my tracks was the headline…”COMMUTER HEAVEN!”

Uh, whaaat?!  Shoes that make it a pleasure to drive to work…surely not?

Then I started to read the copy (Ok, I’m sad like that…but as a copywriter I read copy).  The subhead was “Driving to work just got better than ever…”

What planet are these people on?  “better than ever”?  Like driving to work used to be a pleasure, but now it is an absolute joy?  All because “these are our most comfortable, cushioned driving shoes to date!”

How many people reading this will go “Ooooh, I just can’t wait for 6.45 Monday morning so I skip over to my car and slip on these super comfy mules for the joyful drive to the office”?

And then I got to the signoff.  Wait for it…. “Commuting never felt so good!”

I know what they are trying to do – relate to their target audience, make the product relevant to the consumer’s lifestyle, and stick to the brand tone of voice (probably something about being positive, upbeat, sunny, fresh and friendly).

But it just shows how far Brand World, inhabited by marketing people, designers, copywriters, strategists etc, is removed from real life.   It’s like they have all become unwitting Truman Burbanks from The Truman Show.