Those of you who read my recent posts on the Boot & Flogger and The Dorchester might assume that I spend my whole life working in the glamorous world of luxury travel.  Not true – I quite often roll my sleeves up and get stuck into some very nasty business-to-business projects.

Just before Christmas I was asked to write a website about shit.  I kid you not.  In places like Saudi Arabia the contents of your toilet does not arrive at the sewerage works by pipe, but by tanker.  And the guys running the treatment works need to know the volume, density and chemical composition of the shit being dumped on them – so they can add the right amount of chemicals to break it down, and bill the customer accurately.

It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it.  If you’ve always had a thing for reading about discharge effluent analysis and automated treatment inlets then this is your kind of site – just click here and enjoy!

NB, many thanks for the wonderful people at IE Marketing for asking me to help them.  The client is the GX Group in Usk, and I also wrote all the other bits of their website – including the page on the Dynamic Gastric Model, which in layman’s terms is an artificial stomach that can be used for testing how well different foods and drugs are digested!