At last!  A TV commercial I can enthuse about.  Usually I’m on a rant about some crap campaign – but last week I saw one I really wish I had done.  The Dulux one (well, three, actually).

The Boudoir commercial is the one I saw first, and like best.  Son’s bedroom is good too.  But Jungle is a bit weak (IMHO).

The great thing is that they are truly amusing.

They get their laughs out of real life.  They are not set in some la-la brand-land where everything is wonderful – you go “I’ve been there” (NB I’m looking forward to the son-leaving-home stage).

There’s an idea in there, rather than money just thrown at it with special effects, or celebs, or animation, or ****ing bubbles/streamers/lights paper darts floating through the air in their millions.

Nice casting, good scripts, well shot and nicely directed.

A simple point elegantly expressed.

No singing or dancing.  No shouting.  No happy workers making human pyramids or staging musicals in the office.

And the product is the hero.

Who did it?  BBH.  I didn’t realise this until I started writing this and did some research.  Which is embarrassing.  I’ve applauded their work before and raved about Hegarty’s book, so it looks like I’m just plugging a favourite.  I’m not.

Image credit: Iouri Goussev