I’m getting more readers all the time, and to help them find their way around the archive I’ve created an index of my first 46 posts.  I know I’m supposed to organise them into categories, but they’re a pretty mixed bag that won’t fit under a few neat little headings.

So here’s a complete list, with a short description.  Just click on the titles to visit the posts.

Why do stories sell so well?

Want to differentiate your business and create engagement – here’s the secret.

Never underestimate the power of a great story

A very funny video that makes a serious point

Are you pushing on a door marked “pull”?

Not getting the results you want from your marketing?  Read this now!

Spelling. Who cares wins

Duz it matter?  It all depends…

Touching the void – is your marketing getting you the wrong kind of exposure?

The environment is more unfriendly than you might realise – be prepared…

We’re sold on you! How big brands get you to buy yourself.

It’s a clever ploy.  Would you fall for it?  Could you use it?

Want people to stick around on your website? Then resist the temptation to tell them all about yourself.

If your website falls into this common trap it will cost you dear.

Look at all the lonely people – how T Mobile targets your insecurities

How to sell when you don’t have much to offer.

Are the words on your website just dancing around their handbags?

The difference between copy and content – and why it matters for your business.

Talking great copy is easy. But can you torque it?

All copywriters are created equal – not!  Don’t hire one until you’ve read this.

Why some library photographs are the kiss of death

What do visual cliches say about your business?

Poor spelling makes you poor – official

Mistakes cost you dear, as this report shows

Telling stories all the way to the bank

What can you learn from Iman, Obama, Palin, McCain?

Stop telling people about your USP – you don’t have one

Whatever your offer it’s almost certainly not unique – so stop kidding yourself!

How to sell when you have no USP

OK, so what I do is not unique – how do I get over the problem?

From USP to UPS

Your offering is not that special.  But people will fall in love with it – if you know how…

Testimonial, case study or customer success story – what’s the difference?

If you don’t know it could cost you dear…

How a brand can blow it with clumsy copywriting

Don’t make the same mistake as Boden – sloppy can be expensive.

I’m so not getting what it is you do.

How to make it easy for potential clients to immediately understand how you can help them.

How to become a Jargonaut

Get up to speed with current corporate speak before people write you off as a dinosaur.

The same, but different. How can you be professional, whilst also attracting attention?

Being professional doesn’t mean you have to be boring – or does it?

The IKEA brand experience – temporarily oversold?

Don’t over-promise and under-deliver

A heroic effort to find a USP

The USP concept is still alive and kicking in Burnham-on-Sea

Vorsprung durch Bollocks – when is it OK for your brand to talk a foreign language?

Advertiser speak with forked tongue

Beware – your ego makes you vulnerable to mendacious marketers.

Flattering to deceive…

Busyness and business – why the one is not always good for the other

If you want your marketing to succeed you have to think harder than ever before – and you rush at your peril

Want your marketing to work? It all starts with a good brief.

Do not pass go until you have a clear destination and a route planned

Want your marketing to work? You need a great idea.

A technique for generating ideas – they don’t just doesn’t happen by happy accident!

Want your marketing to work? Express your idea in the most powerful way possible.

It’s the way that you tell ’em!

Tone of voice – is it a red herring?

If you want to win customers and influence them you’ll need a lot more than a nice tone of voice!

A picture is worth a thousand words – bollocks!

Words work – better than ever!

How to make your brand irresistible

Important lessons from an Economist webinar about the need to engage people on an emotional level.

Hi-tech hi-touch – a concept that’s at the heart of the world’s most successful brands.

If you don’t get this concept your marketing is doomed to failure – trust me!

What has hi-tech hi-touch got to do with life as we know it, Jim?

I’m 100% certain you use this brand.  Because it is the ultimate combination of hi-tech hi-touch.  It proves why the concept is incredibly lucrative.

Hi-tech hi-touch – how to get a bit of Steve Jobs into your business

He personified the concept, and millions loved him for it.  But it’s a trick you can pull off too…

OMG – even if you don’t get social media, it can get you!

Reputation is everything in the social media age.

Which came first – the reputation or the brand?

Reputation comes before brand – and this has important consequences for your business.

Why most small start-ups don’t need to worry about branding

How to save a ton of money and headaches when you start out (despite what the branding gurus will tell you!).

The hidden persuaders come out of the closet

Why marketing is becoming increasingly in your face.

Lunch in the Boot & Flogger – it’s work, Jim, but not as we know it

It’s vital to get a good brief – even if you have to meet in a pub!

From Dickens to The Dorchester and on to such stuff as dreams are made of

Sometimes mere facts are not enough – you have to add a sense of drama.

Behind every great brand there is some poor bastard who is just trying to make it through to the weekend.

The ugly truth about how it can feel to work for a big organisation – stuff they hope the customer never gets to see.  All is revealed in these video clips…

I work in marketing and I bring greetings from Planet Brand

What happens when marketing people begin to believe their own BS…

I write shit

One of my less glamorous assignments…

Paint that makes you laugh

At last, a series of TV commercials that remind us how it should be done.


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