My wife was watching “Bridget Jones’ Diary” last night (which meant I missed Ukraine vs Sweden) and I caught a commercial break with the Richmond Ham commercial.

It features a naked farmer eating a ham sandwich in an idealised rural landscape populated by naturists.  The proposition?  It’s the only ham in the UK made from 100% natural ingredients.  So it’s “as nature intended”.    Cue get your kit off.

Seen it all before

I was working with Cotswold Outdoor, the outdoor equipment retailer, last week.  I half heartedly came up with a “back to nature” idea with naked hikers (something I believe that the Germans are quite into).  They smiled weakly, and said “we’ve thought of doing that before, but never seriously”.  I wasn’t surprised, as such an obvious attention getting device is so….well…obvious.  Not to mention silly.

100% limp

But when those cheeky Irish folk at Richmond were pitched the idea by ad agency Quiet Storm (don’t you just love the oxymoronic name – it’s so cool it could almost be the name of a band) they fell for it big time.  The result?  A sad genetically modified rehash of the Danepak naturist commercial and the singing farmers rapping for Yeo Valley.

Such a desperate attempt to grab attention makes me suspect that the product itself isn’t that great.  Define “natural ingredients”.  And it looks pretty processed to me – the slices are square and when did you last see a square pig?  Or is this what you have to do these days to get any form of awareness?

They should have used the idea for their range of sausages – now that would get attention!