In my last post I discussed the merits of feeding your head.  Some people have commented “what a great phrase!”

I can’t take credit for it.  I lifted it from “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane and Grace Slick 

Since a few of my posts fall into the “rant” category, and it’s not smart to be a grumpy old man all of the time, I thought I’d try and write some posts that were a little more positive – where I commend something instead of slagging it off.

So, here goes.

I once came across the line “The secret of success is learning the lessons of experience, without losing any of your youthful enthusiasm”.  It struck me as pure genius.

So who said it?

Actually it was me, walking back from the pub, and talking to myself – as you do.  In truth it owes a lot to Churchill’s more famous assertion that “success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”.  But I like my version too.

A while ago I met someone who has this quality in abundance.   We were both at Cheddar Ales brewery, which was a good start.  But even when we’re both sober he’s still good value.   I’m talking about Graham Hall of Ambitious Brands.

Last night I was reading his blog at THE MINISTRY OF INS!GHTS
– with jealousy.  He’s good.  He’s prolific.  He’s amusing.  And thought provoking – he does a great job of asking heavy questions in a very light way.  Off the wall, but with his feet on the ground.  You get the general idea….

Want to feed your head with good stuff?  You know where to go.

And Graham owes me a pint.