Copying – if someone nicks your words they must think those words are good.

So I was gratified to hear from upmarket chauffeuring company Sybaris that whole sections of their website, written by yours truly, have recently appeared on two competitor websites.

One of the competitors was known to them, and apologised – it appears the web design company they employed just saved time and effort by cutting and pasting.  The other case is “progressing”.

OK, I can laugh about it.  But, joking aside, this is serious problem.  Because if copy that’s original is then taken by others, the text is identified by Google as “plagiarised”- and there’s a danger that Google will penalise all of the sites with these identical words (including the one with the original text) in its search results.

So, those paying for original content lose out.  And those who think they are paying for original content lose out also.  And copywriters lose out because there’s less writing going on (hey, why pay when you have copy and paste?!).