Want to succeed in business? Think like Oscar Pistorius

September 20, 2014


Imagine you were Oscar Pistorius the day after you’d shot your girlfriend.  Would you be thinking “I need the best legal team that money can buy.”?  Or “How can I get a legal team on the cheap and save myself a few rand?”

Dumb question.

Now imagine you own a business and your future depends on whether it succeeds or fails.  Would you be thinking “I need the best copywriter that money can buy.”?  Or “How can I get a copywriter on the cheap and save myself a few quid?”

Dumb question – most people go for the cheap option.


Because they don’t realise a good copywriter is as valuable as a good lawyer.

Every minute of every day your business is on trial in the court of public opinion.  And whether the verdict is positive or negative has nothing to do with facts.  It has to do with how people view the facts.  Perception is everything.  EVERYTHING.

Fact (undisputed): Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend four times through a closed door.  Perception (of the person who mattered – the judge):  he didn’t mean to shoot her.

You need to find an expert advocate who can make the strongest possible case for your business.  Because if the perception is positive you have plenty of customers, can charge higher prices, employ better people, get more funding, make more profit and then sell the business for a bigger sum of money.  But if it’s negative, you get the reverse.

Conclusion:  a cheap copywriter, like a cheap lawyer, will probably work out very expensive.

Photo credit: Sarah Karlson


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