A tasty little job

Eshot for artisan pasta

February 15, 2017

DC Group have been working with J-MOMO pasta on a new website to launch their hand made pasta in the UK.  Dario Canale, who owns DC Group (hence the name) originally comes from Naples.  And J-Momo is based in the hills inland from the city, so the partnership makes sense.

Dario asked me to write an email to send to chefs, hotels and food retailers across Britain.

Why am I posting this?  To let you know I can write eshots…in case you ever need help with one.






  1. Paul Eveleigh February 15, 2017 Reply

    Long live la dolce vita, Jim. Enjoyed reading your copy. If I could, I'd order some pasta.

    • Jim February 16, 2017 Reply

      Hi Paul, thanks...made me hungry writing it!

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