Every day I tell myself to get on with some paid-for work.  But every day I get distracted by some new thing that gets my goat.  So, here goes…but I’ll make it quick and brief.

Just now I came across a copywriter who describes themselves as San Francisco’s Favourite Copywriter (I’ve changed the city and continent to protect the guilty).  This got me thinking….

The city’s favourite copywriter…based on what?  Most happy clients (prove that!)?  Most recommendations on LinkedIn?  Most likes of your Facebook page?  Most stars on a ratings site (there’s probably one somewhere)?  Because I say I am (and all my mates agree with me)?

How do you work out how far you are, geographically, from the nearest adjacent favourite? Are you King/Queen of the entire Bay Area, or is there a popular pretender over the bridge in Oakland, which makes you just fave of downtown, but fave #2 in South San Francisco and #3 in Palo Alto?

Is there some kind of app or something that will work it out for me? Then I can say I’m “officially” the favourite!

Claiming to be Xxxxx’s Favourite Copywriter is a great wheeze as it’s pretty difficult to challenge.  So I’m keen to self-proclaim myself.  But what region can I claim as my domain?

There’s a lady about a mile away, married to a local farmer, who does a bit of marketing consultancy and copywriting for small rural businesses – she probably has more local friends and family than me.  Also, equally nearby is a little company that offers correspondence courses in everything from Pet Bereavement Counselling to Cartooning and Dementia Care to Gender Studies, including Copywriting.  So that limits me a bit.  I can probably claim to be Mutton Lane’s Favourite Copywriter (there are five cottages on our lane and I’m the only copywriter) but anything beyond that is perhaps open to dispute.

But then maybe I’m being too modest?   And a few people think I’m the dog’s bollocks of wordsmithing (well, that’s what they tell me).  So perhaps I can legitimately claim to be Sedgemoor’s Favourite Copywriter?  But how many people have heard of Sedgemoor?  How many searches does it get a month (a year…ever?!).  So that’s no good.

Ideally I need to be favourite of a town.  Burnham-on-Sea’s Favourite Copywriter?  Nah…   Weston-super-Mare’s Favourite Copywriter?  I can do better than that –  Bristol’s Favourite Copywriter!  Except that a lot of the city’s marketing fraternity take themselves so seriously they cannot detect when someone has their tongue in their cheek – my recent post about robots being employed in Australia’s Ministry of Finance left some readers puzzled because they failed to realise I was taking the ****.

So, I am Wessex’s Favourite Copywriter.  Because it is a mythical region, I do live in it, and I think I can claim the title without upsetting too many others.

Wessex’s favourite copywriter has written a book

When I’m not taking the piss I occasionally write something that is intended to be useful.  Earlier this year I met a publisher who produces a series called “The Authority Guides” and she invited me to write one myself.  The result is “The Authority Guide to Creating Brand Stories That Sell”.  A colleague read it and was surprised – “you come across as quite nice and human!”  That’s what happens when you have a publisher and an editor!  If you’d like to find out more about the book, read some sample pages and maybe even buy it, click here.


Picture credit Jason Train