Two years ago I wrote an article about the fact that robots were taking over the world – and wondered how much longer it would be before robocopywriters put the human hacks like myself on the wordsmithing scrapheap.

Three creative types replied, but then the comments dried up.  Until about a month ago. That’s when I got an email from (based in Seattle) about a robotic vacuum cleaner I had mentioned in my article.  I reproduce the text of the email here.

Hi Jim,

I hope this day is treating you well! I came across your site and I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed reading your post, “Robo Copy. Why I’M Not Worried About Being Replaced By A Machine”: It made me think to share with you the guides my team at created comparing robot vacuums. I think you’d find them helpful for your readers!

We started by compiling a list of 55 robot vacuums from top manufacturers, testing the best models on power, navigation, and the ability to tackle common obstacles. In the end, we found that two of iRobot’s Roomba models rose to the the top. With this information, we created a guide on robot vacuums outlining our research and findings:

Since Roomba was a clear leader in quality, we took it a step further and compared all the top Roomba models to find the best for each person’s unique needs:

With the holidays approaching and robot vacuums being a great gift idea, I thought our work would be a helpful supplement to the valuable advice you offer your readers. Are you open to mentioning either of our guides on your site as a resource for your readers?

I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing your thoughts on this, Jim!

I was slightly bemused by this as my article is not entirely positive about the promised robotic future.  However, in the spirit of “sharing” I have agreed to let all my millions (?) of readers know about these two invaluable guides. 

I should point out I have not been paid to do this nor is there any referral/affiliate arrangement in place.  I’m not even sure why I’m doing it.  I guess it’s just because I’m a nice helpful person.  And I’m slightly amused at the unintended consequence of posting my original article – I was not trying to increase awareness of Roomba, or  But we live in a strange world and sometimes it’s best to just go with it!  Also, I figure it’s best to have some robot friends “when the day comes”!


After publishing this post on December 4th last year I got another reply, this time from Jen, of Jen Reviews, in New Zealand.  She wondered if I would be kind enough to mention her review of vacuum cleaners.  So there you have it, a link to a 7,000 word review giving the southern hemisphere take on the main things to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner.  Seeing the interest this article has generated amongst the vacuum cleaning fraternity perhaps I should change the focus of my blog – stories that suck?

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