Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

I’m a copywriter in Somerset.  But a few days ago, when I put the words “copywriter Somerset” into Google I just didn’t show up at all.  I wasn’t on the google map, and I wasn’t on page 1, 2, 3…

However, 12 other copywriters did appear on the map of Somerset.  And they all appeared higher up the search rankings than me – they were on page 1 and 2 while I was nowhere!

So, what were they doing that I wasn’t?

My research

I started putting in different search terms, like “copywriting Somerset”, “freelance copywriter Somerset”, “brand stories Somerset”, “branding Somerset”, “marketing communications Somerset”, “writer Somerset”, “blog writer Somerset”, “content writer Somerset”, “content marketing Somerset”.  I didn’t appear for any of them!

However, when I used the search term “copywriter in Wessex” I came top of page 1.  Hooray!

Why?  Because about a year ago I wrote a tongue in cheek article about people who declare themselves the top/most highly recommended/favourite copywriter in their local town or city.  As a laugh I wrote a post in which I crowned myself copywriting king of the ancient Kingdom of Wessex.  But Google took it seriously – because their algorithms don’t get irony.

How many people search for “Copywriter in Wessex”?  Not a lot – so being number 1 for these keywords is a waste of time.

Likewise, if I searched for “Muslim copywriter” I came out top, number 1, for the whole of the UK.  Because years ago I wrote a blog post which included those two words.  And then wrote a post laughing about how I was the UK’s leading muslim copywriter (not!).

I stopped laughing when I got enquiries from businesses selling halal products who figured this must be my area of expertise.

My solution

The penny eventually dropped.  If I wrote an article about being a copywriter in Somerset then maybe I’d show up when people searched using those words?  Duh!

Or maybe not?  I’ve been on the google adwords site for the last couple of hours and am now more confused than ever.

Anyhow, if you have landed on this page looking for a copywriter in Somerset then well done – you’ve come to the right place!