Just like his mother used to make them…

Stories That Sell Client Work Proper Cornish PastiesProper Cornish Pasties

I was asked to come up with a sales presenter that could be given or sent to potential trade customers and retail outlets.  With a name like Proper Cornish Pasties it had to tap into the local heritage and establish the product’s provenance.  However, a lot of brands do that, so it would hardly be original.  I felt it was important to add a bit of a twist – something to differentiate this particular one from all the other Cornish pasties out there, whet the appetite and put a smile on the reader’s face at the same time.

Front cover:


Inside front cover:


Page opposite the inside front cover.  A little booklet, A Brief History of Cornwall, was glued onto the page:


First spread of the history booklet:


Second spread of the history booklet:


Third spread of the history booklet:scan0059

Fourth spread of the history booklet:


Then there was a pocket on the inside back cover with fact sheets on the company, the different products in the range, price lists and so on.

Sales presenters have to be factual – but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring!