Copywriting that gets more of the results you want.

Want more traffic, shares, likes, clicks, engagement, enquiries, subscribers, appointments, sales and recommendations?  Worried that you just don’t have the right words?


Here’s some free advice:

  • Stop kidding yourself that copywriting for your business is a DIY job. You don’t have the time or the skill it requires.  You go to a professional accountant, lawyer, architect or doctor.  Why treat copywriting any different?  If you are serious about success then get some expert help with the words that describe and promote your products and services.
  • Be wary of copywriters who are better at promoting themselves than promoting their clients. If they aren’t showing a ton of work on their website it suggests they are inexperienced, or they are not proud of what they’ve done.  Where’s the proof of their ability?
  • Good copywriters are in demand. Average and poor copywriters are scratching around for work.  Guess who offers to do it for less?  And guess who works out more expensive in the end?
  • Talk to me about what’s on your mind. The initial chat is free.  I’ll help you get your thoughts straight, I can give you feedback on your existing marketing and if I don’t think I can help you I’ll say so – I only want to work on stuff where I can genuinely make a valuable contribution.

Why us?

This short video explains how we can add value to your business.

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