Proper planning prevents pathetically poor performance.

If you have a copywriting project you’d like to discuss with us then we’re going to need answers to the following questions:

Background to the project

– history, present situation and where you are heading

What do you want

– website, brochure, press ads, email, case study, compete new brand story. How will the message be delivered?

Competitive analysis

– competitors, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and issues affecting your market


– what are you trying to achieve?

Target Audience

– who are they and what makes them tick?

Single-minded proposition

– what’s the single most differentiating and motivating message to get the target audience to respond in the way you want?


– what information can you give us to support the proposition and persuade the target audience you can deliver what you promise?

Tone of voice

– professional, fun, logical, emotive…?

Practical stuff

– budget, timing and any other important things we should know?