Bringing a bit of sex, drugs and rock and roll into B2B

International Business Wales

Wales is well known for many of things – rugby, sheep, unpronounceable place names, Tom Jones, the Millennium Stadium, Dylan Thomas, coal mining, wet weather, Charlotte Church.  But it doesn’t exactly spring to mind as a thriving hotbed of biotech innovation.

That, however, was the brief.  Create a series of ads celebrating the recent success of local startups to run in scientific journals around the world.   Put Wales on the map as a fertile life sciences hub.   Attract foreign firms and investment.

I was given a handful of very sketchy case studies to work from and told by the designer, Martyn Davies, that the word count couldn’t exceed 100.  Thanks…

The science involved was complex so wrapping up the story this tightly, whilst still communicating the key points, was tricky.  On top of which I had to spin the unpromising material into something truly attention grabbing.

Here’s what we came up with.  And the client loved it.